The towel


We had six people living in this big old house along with guests we had about ten people around every night.
Very social, very fun.

One night we were sitting around drinking as we did pretty much every night, sitting outside because it was summer and we had no insulation and a tin roof. It was almost always too hot to sleep during that summer.

Chris (Drunk house mate) says to Luke (Mostly sober house mate)
“you know how we were out of toilet paper yesterday ?”
Luke eventually replies yes.
Chris pauses and says “I wiped my arse on the towel you had in the bathroom.


Everyone starts laughing, hysterical gasping for breath laughter. Apart from Luke and Chris.
Luke looks pissed, Chris starts to look worried and says “it’s ok, though, it’s ok I put it through the wash” and points to it on the line.
Wasent quite as funny after that statement. We all use that washing machine…and the asstowel was still in it

For me washing consisted of pegging my stuff up on the line, throwing washing powder at my
clothes and hosing them down for a few weeks after that.

Luke told him to keep the towel. Chris did.

Good times.