Pain UPS.

I was renting a room in a house with shitty power(Hi Whitey), it was the type of house that when someone in another room turns on a light or a fridge kicks in you can hear it on your speakers.I own several Un-interruptible power supplies (UPS) , for my computers. Quite a good investment actually, since I took that path I’ve had no hardware died, prior to that I lost three full hard drives over about ten months.

Anyway…. I decided to move my speakers across to the ups. To stop the crackle, annoying and probably not good for them.

So i’m under the desk, trying to find speaker power plug. Cramped, dark…….uhhh fuckit its going to be one of the three black ones. I’ll play the elimination game. Pulled the first cable. *Click* *Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* Shit I unplugged the ups. Lets plug it back in. Sounds simple enough right ?

Well no, I was in a cramped dodgy angle, I had no leverage, and it moved as I pressed, I got the plug just far enough in for it to arc. Fire came out the grill on the side as (I assume) several capacitors exploded. I dived and pulled all the cables from the UPS and ran outside with the smoking squealing ruin of on old friend who sits to this very moment complaining in a dark corner at the back of the house.

Edit: Two days later, finally no sign of life.

Ups fire

I priced getting it fixed a few times. Always $200-$300+ a good price considering they cost $900 new to replace. I always intended to but finally threw it away two years later. 🙁