Spent today basically looting my neighbors house. I’m looter 3/4.

The first being his gardener. He traded mowing for basically a full old man workshop setup. Air gear, 1900s lathes, welding, plasma on and on.
The second a antiques dealer be met at a random veterans day. Dude paid him 3k for about 40 railway lamps, a complete but shortened rail signal, 10+ valve radios and a shit load of general cool collectibles.

He basically said fuck it, and is moving with one suitcase to the other side of the country and walking away from everything else. Fucking realestate agent can deal with it. Wasn’t sure he would actually do it. (Had been trying to give us stuff for ages but I kept saying no. Didn’t want to be “that guy” particularly concerned he may change his mind later.)

Agent/their staff will take/dispose of anything else but no doubt charge him either way.

So I got permission to pick through anything I wanted.
Feeling super shitty about it all. But did it anyway.

Got a mountain of stuff. This is probably the most interesting.


stationary engine

I guess its all just stuff, and its nice to have some of it, but it still feels wrong and more to the point my friend is gone. Had a couple of final dinners with him over the last weeks, saying goodbye and trying to explain just how much of a effect he has had on our lives.

Spoke with his son by phone after to see if he settled and to ask if he wanted me to dispose of some of the leftovers, particularly things like checkbooks and other paperwork. Asked him what the deal was…he couldn’t deal with it as dad was getting cranky. Yeah that makes sense. Has been depressed as hell and also cranky when anyone tried to talk to him/convince him to take stuff, including with my self a few times.

Going back today and boxing up his personal stuff, photos, wife’s jewelry and arranging for it to go up. Can do that at least so the son has it.

I miss my friend. He was unhappy though. I hope the seachange and being around people helps.

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