At the time of this writing I’m still leaning my way around linux. Over the last few years I’ve tried several versions of redhat,
mandrake and bsd, I usally gave up after a day of so. For me the two main points of prettyfar are to:

1. Learn something new.
2. Share a few story’s.

One of my friends helped me setup debian and apache on an old machine I had sitting around,
running my own web and mailserver is interesting and somewhat rewarding.
I’m still of the basic opinion that linux is gay however.

In my experience, everything has to be difficult. Every update breaks something.
Sure if I leave it alone apart from updating or adding the occasional bit of content to the website it’s fine. Thats not really what I want though, I’m trying to learn.

When I break something I:

Remove the server from the cabinet. Shut it down and drag it to another room as its headless and I need a monitor and keyboard. Ok it’s screwed. Lets restore from a backup. I remove the tape holding the case closed. I open the case. I find a ide cable for the 2nd controler. I get the drive with my backups and plug it into the ide cable. I install a floppy drive. I boot using a 98 disk that I made with my laptop as none of my machines had floppies anymore. I swapout the boot disk and run ghost from another. I tried making a ghost boot disk from the laptop, it does not work. I run ghost and image the backup drive to the server drive. I shutdown and remove the drive. I replace the drive with a cdrom. Why ? Because Lilo wont load and I need to boot using the rescue function and mount hda1 before fixing lilo. Eventually I shutdown and remove the cdrom. ..and the idecable. ..and the floppy. …and close the case. …and *Sigh* tape up the case. …and return it to the cabinet. All while my housmates mong dog tries to eat me.

Why dont I just leave the fdd and cdrom in the server ? It’s headless and I may need them elsewhere.
So yeah, perhaps there is an easier way, I don’t know I’m still learning. What I do know is that:

I miss system restore.
Linux is not ready for the desktop.
I like tacos.

(Yes I know I misses/simplified a few steps and it is actually more annoying)

After a year or so I gave up on hosting at home and got proper hosting…drama in itself.