Japan 2016 Disney

Tokyo Disneyland 2016

Had a early night in preparation.

4am – wake up – No firm idea on how to actually get there.

6am – McDonalds breakfast of champions.

7am – Found the bus station. Bus tickets sold out. Fuck. Got one for the next day though.

Trained it in after a tense transfer at Tokyo station and some bickering about the merits of just getting a cab.

The train itself sucked pretty bad. Had to stand the whole way, but even so, exciting, its disney!

Had a nice time standing in line for a hour or so before the running of the bulls, thousands of guests running into the park while staff tried to slow them down with mixed success.

Got to go on more rides than I really expected.

Space mountain – No music, and smaller then the cali one.

Its a small world – Twice! About the same.

Country bear theater – Robot singing bears, fun.

Mark Twain riverboat – Relaxing.

Haunted mansion – Same as Cali, but Nightmare before xams themed, good.

Pirates of Caribbean – Shorter then cali and not as good. Missing a drop I think.

Jungle Cruise – Pretty much the same as cali, not sure, did that one at night.

Blue Bayou restaurant (inside Pirates ride) – Excellent.

+ lots of walking around. Parades. A little shopping. Overall it was fine, but the American one was larger and better.

The castle

Tokyo DisneySea

This was a bit easier as we knew where to go and had bus tickets already.

The reasonably comfortable bus went from the bus building across the street from Shinjuku JR. Straight to Disneysea.

Waited in line for about 40 mins and ran in with the mob. Didnt do so well on rides. The waits were 90mins-2 hours. Fuck that.

Electric railway – Twice.

Aquatopia – Fun.

Sailing day buffet – Just ok. Nice themeing. Average food. Apart from the deserts.

Journey to the center of the earth – Ran right to this and got on with about a 5 min wait. Great setting. Short ride.

Jumping jellyfish – Kids ride, but no line, so yolo.

Jasmines Flying carpets –┬áKids ride, but no line, so yolo.

Magic lamp Aladdin theater – My theory is this is why Robin Williams killed himself.

+ Walking around. All in all it was decent, but I’d be disappointing were the point to go on rides.

We decided not to wait 4 hours for fireworks, rode the monorail around a few times and limped home.


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