Japan 2016 day 1

I’m actually writing this on day 2. At 5am in the dark. See day 2/later notes here for context.

I’m surprised we even got this far.

* earthquake and tsunami two days before flying out.

* fuel issues at Melbourne airport.

*Jetstar being shitty with the bookings.

Worked night shift the day before. Had a couple of hours sleep and then stayed up. I never really sleep much before flying.

Woke wife up at 02:50 yelling that she slept through her alarms (3am) and its 4am.

Harsh words exchanged and off to the airport. I wonder if all the pets will survive this time.

Long term parking, shuttle bus, miserable hour waiting for checkin. Not even any seats, people sleeping on the floor, on window sills. Did the same outside eventually. Good job terminal 4 Melbourne.

Brb pooping. (Again see later notes)

OK I’m back and the apartment smells terrible. Continuing…

Eventually able to check in at 4:10, for 6:10 flight. So off through security…and literally nothing was open. Not even McDonald’s. People were angry and milling around. T4 doesn’t even have a hungry jacks ffs.

Brb pooping again. Ffffffff

OK where am I. Ah yes. McDonalds opens and people flood in. I did the same. Pissed off to see other placed, that I actually wanted, open 30 mins later.

Such is life.

Mel-cairns flight was OK. Apart from people sicking up before we even took off. People shitting the whole way. A load balance delay. A maintance delay. And scary sounds. Eventful 3 hours.

Get to cairns..that airport is bullshit. The domestic-int transfer is about a 1k walk. In 30degree humid cairns. Not even fully shaded.

We go across. Sweaty. No/little aircon. Line 100 deep. Tried to upgrade on at service desk..they don’t do it anymore. Dumb Jetstar. Just dumb.

Get to checkin. Agent sees I booked a window and isle. Wants me to agree to moving. No. Is it a full flight? – almost. Yes. Well still not doing it. Paid extra.

So wifey raging about sitting near a stranger. Utterly missing the fact that in blocks of 3 seats that will happen anyway.

Middle seat is bullshit.

International terminal at cairns is also bullshit. Two places to eat? What the fuck. A personal pizza, eagleboys and a sandwich/pie place. 

I wonder how much rent is for those monopoly spots. 

Tried to go to the lounge. Unmanned. Might have been able to sneak in…not worth risking the flight and holiday though. So sat around and boarded. 

Plane was not full. Middle seat not taken. Win. 

I think something was wrong with the planes air. A bunch of unrelated kids got sick. They legit did the “is there a doctor on the plane” intercom call.

They were on oxygen the whole way and ambulances were waiting on landing.

Eventually were able to disembark. And walk another km or so to find the train into town. It was decent.

Navigated the busiest railway station in the world. Got to apartment. And then went out for dinner.

Brazed pork belly


Some hotpot variation with miso dipping soup.

A couple of drinks. All good. And back via the 711 for supplies.

*Brb. Napping for a bit.*

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