Goddamned animals

I got up early this morning. Let the dog outside, wandered around a bit and went in to check my ADSL, wondering if it works yet.
Nothing interesting there.

I could smell something though.
I assumed it was this fucking thing.

Horrible fucking cat. It just sits there watching me, Judging me.

Fuck you stinky kitty. I’m going back to bed.

So I take the dog and go back to bed for a little while.
I can still smell it though. I get up and shower, cat probably pissed in my chair or something.

I go and check my DSL again and turn the lights on.


I start yelling at the cat and trying to get someone else to clean it up.

It was the dog though.
My dog.
My mess.

So I investigate the dog. Ohhhh he has shit caught in his ass hair and tail.
Outside you go.

I just cut the hair off. I am not cleaning that.
I leave him outside for the moment and start working on the carpet. Nice work, my favorite was the
part where the rug
met the carpet, he really got some good arse rubbing done there.

I get most of it cleaned. I didn’t have a bucket or anything for the sponges so I used a tinfoil baking
tray that I could just throw away.

It bent in half and tipped all the poo-water onto the rug when I tried to pick it up.

Note the poo spot I missed between the water and the switch.

I put some towels over it for the moment and went back to the dog.

Note the “Treasure” bottom right.

Aftermath: Dog threw up on girlfriend while she cradled/dried him on the couch.
Found dog crap in the bed.

And that gentlemen was TODAY’S adventure.