I was playing generals, multiplayer.
I’d been awake for a very long time, and my eyes hurt.

So I lit some candles around my room, very cosy, relaxing light (not gay) one of which was a tea-light candle…you know the little round ones in the silver foil containers.

Anyway I’m playing and I notice that the one on my monitor is brighter than it should be (the aforementioned tea-light)…ahhh the holder has melted and its dripping wax onto the screen.

So I tried putting my hand over it (same principle as drinking flaming shots) , nope….only managed to burn my hand.

(Meanwhile I’m still trying to play, I’m fighting off an attack)

Uhh uhhh its quite high and my monitor is melting….uhhh SHIT the sticky notes on the side of the monitor are lighting up. Uhhh…..

(Meanwhile I’m still trying to play, I’m fighting off an attack)

I have BEER!!!!

So I poured my beer on it.

I was pretty surprised when my 5.0% Grolsch caught fire or the wax, who knows.
So I’ve got flames everywhere, I’m fucking hitting it and trying to put it out,
it was a close thing, I almost had to stop playing.

I managed to put it out by spilling when the whole thing spilt down the screen.

End result:

1. I wont the fucking game.
2. I have wax everywhere.
3. I have a hole through my monitor case…about the right size for a *SCORE* shot glass.

Note: I’m well aware that beer should not be flammable, afterwards disbelieving I lit the dregs in a bottle cap. Perhaps it was magic beer, I don’t understand either.