A month or so later it turned up in Lewis’s room (housemate at the time), he was really happy with it until I told him we found it outside the local church and priests probably whacked off all over it…..a few days of teasing him about that and he decided it smelt bad and outside it went.


When dumping rubbish a convenient thing to do is house it in a shopping trolley, be sure to hose it down 2-3 time a week for 6 months before making the actual drop….you really don’t want any paperwork to be traceable…

Last seen: Very poorly hidden in a bush near local tennis court.

Eventually when out house went to hell (As shared houses often seem to) it came time to clean up in hopes of getting out bond back, the Jew and I put the couch back on the roof of my car and returned the couch to the front of the house that tried to throw it out several months earlier.

We didn’t have the pillows anymore (rotted in back yard) we did leave a thank you note spray painted on a board though.

Last seen: About 3 weeks later


The Jew never did get around to fixing his car….it only sat there for….1.2 years before we called the wreckers.