Bluetooth terror

I have one of those mobile phones with an inbuilt camera and bluetooth (Wireless) communication capability.
This allows me to send files, photos, ring tones, games, whatever between my computer or other phones that have this feature.

I get bored sometimes, one of my first games with this phone was to set goatse as the wallpaper, amusing when people
want to look at my phone (Camera phones are fairly new in Australia still)

I’ve recently taken to scanning for other phones when I’m in public and naturally when I find one I try and bluetooth them goatse.
I’ve had quite a few disappointments, and one partial success where the file went through at a restaurant but I didn’t see a reaction from whoever it was.


I’m on Christmas holiday, my partner and I drove 1300k’s to Sydney. I try and fail a few times around the city,
streets, department stores, boats, the zoo.
I see lots of phones, no one accepts or notices the incoming file notice.

We go on a boat trip through the harbour, two hours, lots of nice scenery….I get bored and scan, very carefully
making sure the other passengers don’t see my phone…….Ohhhhh Ok found one.

*Sweet its still there*
*Looking around carefully*

I checked my phone a few moments later. Success.
As quickly as I could I turned the phone off and hid it while going back to eating.

The people at the table directly next to us started looking distressed.
Three Asian tourists, old lady, her husband and their son.
They passed it between them back and forth while looking at the other passengers.
My partner speaks Chinese and was able to translate for me later.

Basically they were very upset, disgusted, with the photo and the bad people on the boat. The son wanted to find me,
he started walking around looking for me while playing with (Scanning I assume) with his phone.

The lady was freaking out. and the husband wasn’t happy. A few minutes later the lady went inside the cabin and threw
up all over the floor and her shoes while trying to get to the toilet.

She was ok up to that point, perhaps it made her sick, or pushed her over the edge if she was already seasick.
I wasn’t going to ask
I spent the remainder of the trip acting natural and trying not to laugh. They spend the remainder of the trip talking
about bad people and never going on a boat tour again.

Merry Christmas.