As anyone stalking me would know. I bought a cheap house years ago, to live in.

It needed, and still needs a lot of work. I’ve been very slowly moving through various projects. Some turned out well, some passable, some I outright fucked up and continue to pay for.

The hallway is a example of the latter. Years ago Cracky half ass painted it black. Its pretty bad. I didn’t think she would actually do it. From all the marks I didn’t thing she actually taped off until yesterday, literally years later she found some still in place, and painted over. FFS.

The hall has two sets of inbuilt cupboards. Not sure what the PO thought they were doing, it looks like at some point they used a compressor and a paint gun everywhere. Its weird. The house is 30+ years old, had their never been painted before? Or were they replaced at some point?

Either way the paint has been coming down, either in sheets or worse as dust. Neither tastes very good.


A bit out of focus.

Here is a better one. Excuse the cat please.

Cat ass

Cat ass


One side. Completed.

Its the paint I had.

Its the paint I had.


Moving forward. Gotta do the other side, which is actually worse. It has a bunch of holes in it, mostly made by me, while investigating a possible knockthrough, and a few that have always been there and explain some heat loss..where it wasn’t actually sealed when they built it.

Half the corner trim is broken/missing and will all need to be custom made. None of it is hard or complex. But like everything else one thing leads to another, and it snowballs very quickly as the “if i’m doing x, its stupid not to do y” factors kick in.


  • Other cupboard. Stripping, sanding, trim (Guess I’m buying another drop saw ffs) patches, primer, paint, restock.
  • Hall..sand/clean/strip, walls and ceiling.
  • Light fixturers…replace?
  • Other fittings…replace?
  • + Whatever other scope creep happens.

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