Ass trailer.

So I’m hanging out with the Jew, his phone rings a few times. People trying to buy this trailer he has up on gumtree.
He bought it himself from GT a few weeks earlier for $100. A partial restoration that he more or less completed. Used for a few things and then put up to resell.

I’ve been sort of thinking of one for awhile so we browse around for a bit while he decides if he wants to keep it.
So we find one about a 200km roud trip away. Its $150. I bagsied not calling her, so he called, gets the ok to go look. At about 9pm.

We get there, wake up their baby and poke around at this thing.
I wish I has copied the add or taken photos…cant pre-plan drama I guess. I’d have no stories If I could.

Its about 40 years old. Old style, steel frame and base, wooden sides. They do look quite nice done up.
Trey is rusted out, no jocky wheel, old style hand tightened couple. I start looking at the costs dubious.

We agree to offer $50, Jew does the talking. Explaining to a clearly bored and cold lady all the bad parts and costs….after waking up her baby again.
She says yes.

Yay. I have a trailer….it needs work but $50, not a big gamble.

So in the dark we hitch it up. Its a old style hand tightened coupling. Like this. coup

Thats fine, just old, gotta be careful with it.
Plug in the cable….no lights at all. Should be a fun drive.

So we hit the road anyway. On the drive I’m told he likes the wood one better and we agree to swap. He likes the wood ones better. Wants to put in boards and stain them. Fine with me. His will need new tires. But is almost complete. Fair enough trade.

We get to his place. Withc woodie to his car. Angle is way wrong. (I find out later that the lady was towing with a raised 4×4)
Mine needs tires, a couple of welds, a cut wire fixed and the underside painted. He basically needs to gut and rebuild woodie along with remounting the axel or spending about $200 on a adjustable towball. Still, both happy. All is well.

I get mine home and book it in to kmart the next day.
$50 + whatever tires cost. Not that cheap anymore, but I’ll trust them and It’ll be a lot safer.

I take it in. They tell me to go have lunch and come back in a hour, its a sunday afternoon, they are geting their last cars and jobs out of the way. I get back a little early and see them start work as I go to the waiting area.

The mechanis looks very unhappy, calls the manager out and I can hear bits of the conversation. Something is unsafe. The other one is the same. They dont have any something.

Manager comes and gets me.
The rims are basically rusted out from inside.


They can try and put i tube in but it’ll likely shred the valvestem and not safe at all the metal around the stem in the photo caved in while they were working on it.

Fuck it. I cant even get it home now. One of the originals went flat as soon at they took it off the rim. Fine get me new rims and tyres. Yeah doing the spare does make sense. Sigh.

$430 later Naomi picks it up the next day. They are nice enough to put it on for her and they even give her a free lightglobe for a dead light in her car.
I ended up with 14in and low profile bridgestones, they couldnt match the orininal 13inch with that stud pattern.

Thats fine. I’ll tow nice anyway. Not really a cheap trailer at all now. I could almost buy one new plus it needs work.
Whatever. I’m not thrilled. But shit happens and It’ll give me something to do.

The punchline.
it came off her towbar.
Broke the ubolts.
Slid and got stuck under her car until someone from the traffic she was blocking jacked up her car to get it out.

Oh and her towball hit the trailer.


Update. 8/10/14

Since my last notes. He stripped back his trailer. remounted the axel. Then stood on the frame in the wrong place, the cross bars started snapping free through rusted out welds. Back on gumtree. Sold last night for $150.

So he broke even, apart from about 15 hours hours labour, and whatever paint and other materials cost.
I drove mine out to him last night, though peak traffic. The base isnt really attached and bounces making a terrific sound.

No car would go near me in the tunnel. It was so loud.

Next: I’m looking at cheap options for building a camper. But before that I really need to replace the coupling.